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At 3J’s Construction and Remodeling (3JsCandR), customers are put first, plain and simple! We know you cherish your home, so it is important that we enhance your home according to your specifications. Since budget and time are very important to everyone, we offer affordable pricing and flexible scheduling. At 3JsCandR, we understand that our success is directly related to satisfying you.


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Josh manages project scheduling, budgets, hiring, estimates, contracts, and interfacing with other professionals connected to each project. He also ensures tasks are completed to the standards equired and participates in review meetings with home owners.
Joshua David
Project Manager
Nisa Sloan
Nisa Sloan, the adept administrator and office manager at 3J's Construction and Remodeling, brings a wealth of administrative experience to her pivotal role. As a key figure within the company, Nisa diligently oversees operations and ensures seamless project management. Expect regular, thorough updates from her as she maintains open communication, reaching out weekly to keep you informed on the progress of every project.
Nisa Sloan
Office Manager and Admin
Phillip Lawson, the seasoned sales specialist at 3J's Construction and Remodeling, is a formidable asset to the team. With extensive sales expertise and a comprehensive understanding of construction, Philippe stands out as your go-to guide throughout the entire sales journey. From the initial phone call to the final email, Philippe, alongside the dedicated team, is committed to providing unwavering support, ensuring a seamless and informed experience at every step of the process.
Phillip Lawson
Sales Specialist
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Santi and his team focuses on the day-to-day operations and management of our social media accounts. His creates social media content, measures results by tracking metrics on each platform, and prepares monthly reports regarding these metrics.
Santiago Quintero

I am Joshua David, a North Carolina native born in Durham but raised throughout the Triangle area. Residential construction has been a part of my life since I have been in diapers. My father owned a construction company and had been one of my mentors early on, along with the contractors on site. In fact, many of these contractors actually work with 3 J’s today, bringing years of experience to the team.


Outside of my father’s mentorship in regards to my work skills, my mother and stepfather contributed greatly to where I am today as a man. In recognition of my siblings Jalyn and Joseph whom my parents also raised, the 3 J’s part of the company name came about because we all share ‘J’ as our first initial. We have always been called the inseparable 3 so I wanted that fact to be reflected in the company name.

Our past experiences shape the people that we each have become today. For me, this includes a large family, schooling, hobbies, activities such as basketball, and my work experiences. In my high school years, I held a couple of jobs including a position at the Hampton Inn and Suites at Brier Creek where I worked as a Housekeeper (Houseman). This was my first job outside of construction and taught me patience, tolerance and how to work under the leadership of others.


One of the most fulfilling employment opportunities that any young person can have is to work at Atria Oakridge, a retirement home for seniors. Here I served as both a Waiter and a Dishwasher. Atria offers the residents an opportunity to enjoy a lively social atmosphere, and I would like to believe that I contributed to the community in a positive way during my time there. These early experiences at the hotel and retirement home provided opportunities to develop my interpersonal and listening skills, both of which I needed to become the owner and leader I am today.


When I was younger, my father would take me to various work sites so I can watch him and the other workers renovate people’s homes. As I got older, he would give me certain assignments while on site, and from there I started to grow my own construction skills with the help of my father and the other workers.


From working with my father, I have found that residential construction work to be quite exciting. I look forward to the day-to-day activities since it allows me to complete a diverse range of tasks on any given day, and this line of work does not tie me to a particular set of work hours. More importantly, owning a company that enhances someone’s home is very satisfying to me, and seeing the before and after results provides me a sense of accomplishment.

As a child, nothing was handed to me as my family always made me earn my keep. I struggled to understand at times why I had to work so hard for the things I wanted. Now I have nothing but gratitude for my parents and family members.

Unfortunately, it seems as if some of us have lost the value of hard work, and losing our drive to work hard is like losing our dignity. That is not the case with me nor my company, knowing that the value of hard work is essential to being successful. I hope to experience many successes during my career as I put forth the effort to grow in the residential construction industry. This line of work is something that I enjoy and look forward to doing it for a long time.

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